Saturday, January 17, 2009

happy new year!!!

hi everyone!!! i haven't been on here in let me update you on whats going hubby and i are down to a pack of cigarettes a day(we used to go through 2 cartons in a week!!!!) i haven't really begun to lose weight..i need to though.i found this book at the borders and the name kinda isn't nice..its called skinny b@@ch!! but i didn't buy it yet ...i glanced at the first chapter and i love it ...they are harsh but they get the point across!!!
i cant wait to do taxes I'm praying i get allot back so i can get credit cards paid off and maybe go on a little vacation with my hubby!!
i hate my job..i almost quit the other day...dear lord give me strength!!!
um......we had a great new years party at the condo...I'm so grateful for our friends!! so..we will see how this year goes.....i hope and pray its alittle better than last year....i so tired of being stressed!!!
hope everyone has a great new year!! keep us in your prayers!!!