Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Do I deal w/.STRESS!?

I have been so stressed lately. And usually I hide it well because my husband worries for the both of us...so if I seem OK and not as worried,he usually cheers up...
Well I still do not have a job...I haven't been looking that hard though..but the places I have applied are so slow at calling me back and I don't know why they wont give me a chance.
I was fired from my last job for horrible reason. And thankfully I proved that to the unemployment lady.
But now I had to file an extension on it and I'm not sure if Ill get it or not.
And my husbands checks aren't good cause of the chapt 13 we did awhile ago.
So now we have to see if we can file chapt 7..so they don't keep taking almost his whole check!!!
Then the money we do have never last till we get paid again..Yes I do buy stuff...But I don't go out and spend $200!
We just always seem to run out of food and the essentials....
I cant sit on my butt ALL the time...I still have to enjoy my life and my marriage..We almost go nuts as it is!! ;)
And we are still waiting to here when we have to move....
I want to get it over with!
And then there is DRAMA! People in our families need to GROW UP and get over it all!
My parents are getting a divorce and its now kicking in when I here my mom sold the house and has to move in less then a month and I'm here stuck in KY and cant help her. And my dad has a gf who is living with him...so weird!
So I have to stay strong and put up this front that everything is okay...Well I'm about to go off on everyone!

I have my own issues that I need to take of and I am so over worrying about everyone else.

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