Wednesday, November 5, 2008


my dogs are very unique!! nalla is our first dog and she is a (almost)3 year old hound/beagle..i think.the girl i got her from hated dogs and told me she was a boxer..wait till you see the pic she is loveable but very hyper..we have to hold her back when people come over cause she wants to sniff and lick you to death!! and shes great with other dogs which brings me to buddy,our 4 year old terrior mix..his story is boss got him from a friend and she lived with her daughter. well she and her hubby moved to an apt so he didnt have to do yard work and couldnt keep buddy ...her daughter kept him till her house caught fire and she lost everything ..she decided she didnt want buddy and my boss was heartbroken cause she couldnt take her to her i offered to care for him she now has "visitation rights" i take him to work with me 1 every 2 weeks.

buddy was very sad when we brought him home and nalla wanted to know how long he was staying!! they play together..with "the rope"..its is so funny!! nalla tests him to see how far he'll go...and always wants to play...buddy is a little dare devil..he goes right under her and takes it away!! so funny!! ...i love my dogs....

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  1. I see you got the pictures working! Cute dogs! We have too many kids to have pets. :o) ...Maybe some day when they are older.